Latino portrayals in film and television

by Jesús Salvador Treviño

from Jump Cut, no. 30, March 1985, pp. 14-16
copyright Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, 1985, 2005

On November 16, 1979, NOSOTROS, a Hollywood-based association of Latino actors, held a press conference to protest two CBS Movies of the Week in which Latino gang members figured prominently. While some may consider that NOSOTROS and other Latino groups were over-reacting to gang depictions in the films, STREETS OF L.A. and ACT OF VIOLENCE, a cursory look at how Latinos have been portrayed, first in Hollywood motion pictures, and then in television and other media, will give insight into how modern media have molded popular perceptions of Latinos and the latent and overt messages given the viewer about Latinos, the kind of people they are and the kind of things they do.

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